Wednesday, May 22, 2013

$300k Damage by Cars Parked on Berm.

Streets in Tauranga CBD are lined with cars parked on the roadside and on grass berms on weekdays as motorists try to avoid parking fees.  Damage up at $300k 

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These veiws are my own.

Palmerston North Parking report delayed

Recommended changes to Palmerston North's parking system will not be released until next month.
A working party set up late last year to consider complaints by a deputation to the Palmerston North City Council was expected to report to the finance and performance committee yesterday, but the item was deferred.

Council strategic communications manager Daniel O'Regan said the working party had arrived at some possible recommendations.

"However, it is too premature to release those recommendations until potential ramifications have been investigated," Mr O'Regan said.

To recap, this is a Council that had issues with the accuracy of a parking sensor installation (it is too accurate for the current parking operation) because they installed the sensors purely to enforce the existing restrictions and not to build on this world class technology to improve the service to the Palmerston North customer at all.

Secondly, as I recall, the 'working party' set up to review the parking enforcement related issues, did not have a single parking professional in its midst.  It should be very interesting to see what this group come out with as a group of recommendations, considering the limitations they have foist on themselves.

These views are my own.